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Midwest Book Review: Summer of Salvia is a ‘must-read’

Summer of Salvia has been reviewed in the Midwest Book Review, and I’m happy to report that it received much praise!

Reviewer D. Donovan writes that “the most powerful points of this story lie in personal and specific insights into the drug’s lasting effects on [Cole’s] perceptions of the world and his place in it … The result is more than the usual memoir of a descent into a lifestyle and choices that lead to drug use and the effects of hallucinogens, but a powerfully written survey that considers the drug’s ability to induce similar types of experiences in different users.”

Donovan finishes up by writing that, “Summer of Salvia is enlightening, powerful, and compelling – a ‘must read’ for anyone seeking more than just a memoir of hallucinogenic drug use, but a probe of how chemicals can alter perceptions of reality itself and can last far beyond initial use.”

Read the full review here (you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the review among other reviews).

Summer of Salvia also has a new review on Amazon. One of my advance reviewers writes that, “Nothing else comes this close to detailing the magnitude of my own reality-shattering, life-invalidating Salvia Divinorum experience. It’s a must-read, not just for so-called psychonauts, but for anyone that believes that they know who they are, and that reality is static and can be grasped through our narrow field of perception.”

Two reviews declaring Summer of Salvia a “must read.” Not bad!

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