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Is There a Drug Test for Salvia Divinorum?

So you’ve just smoked Salvia divinorum, and now you have a big job interview … and they want to drug test you. Now there’s one question racing through your mind: Is there a drug test for Salvia divinorum?

Rest easy. Though employers can test for marijuana and other illicit substances, the standard drug test they (and other organizations that drug test, like courts or schools) use — which checks for the SAMHSA-5 — does not detect detect salvinorin A (Salvia’s active ingredient) or the substances it’s broken down into, called metabolites.

There are tests that can be used to test for salvinorin A, but they’re not common and they’re expensive to conduct. Even if an employer decided, for some insane and illogical reason, to go through the incredible expense and inconvenience of testing you for salvinorin A, they’d most likely have to do so within 12 hours of you smoking salvia. You can find more information here.


It would be odd for employers to be concerned about Salvia use, anyway. Firstly, Salvia divinorum isn’t illegal in most states. Secondly, the effects of Salvia only last a couple minutes. There is very little chance — in fact, I’d say virtually¬†no¬†chance — that employers have to worry about their employees coming into work high on Salvia divinorum, unable to their jobs. If their employees choose to do Salvia in their own time, in their own homes, off the clock, it shouldn’t really be any of their business.

If you’re curious to try to Salvia divinorum, you’re probably safe to try it without getting busted in a drug test. But be careful. Salvia is a powerful hallucinogen and not to be trifled with. Always have a sitter accompany you when using the drug. If you’re a first-timer, check out this user guide for using Salvia.

If you want to know more about the history of Salvia, and what you’re likely to experience on it, check out my book — people are calling it a “must read.”


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